Catavo Learning Advisor Program


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When you sign up for Catavo's Learning Advisor Program, we'll begin by:

  • teaching you about the industry and market place
  • defining the different types of systems and technologies (you’ll soon know the difference between an HRIS, HCM, LMS, LCMS and others; how asynchronous learning differs from synchronous learning; and differences among vendors in the space
  • sharing best practices in the assessment of a new learning program, acquiring and developing content, and integrating a learning program into your organization
  • explain industry standards, such as AICC and SCORM, and provide you with a firm understanding of why these are important



Needs analysis follows. As your partner, our advisors will work with you to:

  • Establish business goals. Together, we’ll assess your specific business needs. We’ll develop a strong business case and determine goals and objectives for your program.
  • Gain a clear understanding of existing stakeholders and determine project committees. Executive briefings with senior personnel help to educate them on the benefits, requirements and costs of learning, resulting in earlier “buy-in” and fewer bottlenecks as you get further into the project.
  • Conduct a business process examination; gather current state and requirements information.
  • Determine functionality needs, and evaluate functionality versus price.
  • Ascertain the readiness of your corporate IT structure, including network security, network topology, desktop standards, hosting ability, LMS maintenance capabilities, test machine(s) availability, etc.
  • Establish business process needs for support including defining required SLAs (service level agreements).
  • Document key requirements.
  • Provide guidance on proceeding through the due diligence stages.


As a result of the in-depth analysis phase, you’ll be in an excellent position to make the necessary business decisions with a solid understanding of the industry as well as your organization’s specific needs. We’ll help at this third phase with:

  • Unbiased assistance with LMS vendor evaluation and selection
  • Translating key requirements into an actionable RFP
  • Provide a customized Learning Program Roadmap
  • Explore critical issues and provide advice and guidance through the final selection process

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