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Gathering information as you begin developing your organization’s learning program may leave you exhausted. You’ll soon come across acronyms, a new vocabulary, and technologies you’re not remotely familiar with. Wouldn’t it be great to have a guide help you get past all the static and obtain the information you really need? Catavo’s Learning Advisor Program is just that guide.

Catavo’s Learning Advisor Program is for organizations that may not have resources available or the necessary market knowledge to properly assess their training needs, define program objectives and goals, and determine optimum solutions. By leveraging our extensive background in this market, we’ll give you a jumpstart on the process and reduce your overall risk in implementing a training program for your company.

Small and medium-sized companies often find themselves feeling like a small fish in a big pond when they approach major learning technology vendors. Although the technology may look like a perfect fit for your application, they have much larger corporations on their radar screen. We’ll help you get the attention you deserve by assessing your particular needs and then directing you to the most appropriate vendors.

The cost for Catavo’s Learning Advisors Program is $5,000 per engagement.

Program Details


Catavo's Learning Advisor program consists of 3 steps. The following links explain more about the features and benefits of this program:

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