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pdficon_small (1K) eLearning Best Practices - Industry Best Practices for eLearning Development
Joe Gorup, CourseAvenue, Inc., 2007.

This informative paper outlines basic challenges involved in eLearning development. It then expands on these challenges and provides a set of practices that can be implemented to mitigate the risks and lead toward successful development, management and delivery of eLearning.


pdficon_small (1K) eLearning Standards - Organizations and Specifications
Joe Gorup, CourseAvenue, Inc., 2007.

This paper outlines the organizations and their key contributions to eLearning specifications. It includes information on AICC, ADL, IEEE LTSC, IMS, and SCORM, and concludes with what the future holds as new versions of standards emerge.

pdficon_small (1K) eLearning Content Management
Joe Gorup, CourseAvenue, Inc., 2007.

eLearning professionals know that there are many areas of concern that relate to the management of course content across all types of organizations. This paper offers helpful recommendations on topics including metadata, packaging, learner profiles, templates, media management, and source code issues.

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