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A Bill of Health for Your LMS

Your business is in a continuous state of change, evolving and growing as the market and your opportunities shift. With these constant changes comes the need for timely and accurate training for your management and staff. Has your Learning Management System (LMS) kept up with the changes in your business? The time has come to require a clean Bill of Health from your LMS.

Some telltale signs point to the fact that a review of your LMS is in order.

  • Is your Learning program achieving less than desirable results?
  • Are there "stability issues" with the LMS and/or eLearning?
  • Is it costing you a fortune?
  • Can you maintain your LMS and/or your own eLearning content

Why a Bill of Health assessment?

All too often the LMS is installed with a flurry of activity - then remains stagnant. Over time, the business, technology, and people change. Meanwhile, the LMS is often left in its original state. All too often, schedules are stretched too far and by the time it's evident that the original goals aren't being met, you have a major problem on your hands.

Our clients have come to us with a wide range of issues and problems regarding their LMS.

  • We're expanding our training program and need a more robust system. Should we re-platform or upgrade?
  • Is our hardware adequate for what we are doing?
  • We recently acquired another company with their own LMS. Can we consolidate multiple LMS's?
  • Our training is appropriate for new audiences. How can we open up our LMS to these external learners?
  • Our eLearning is Flash/SCORM compliant - this is good…right?

Get a Quick Bill of Health for your LMS

A typical Catavo "Bill of Health" engagement begins with a free consultation to help understand your current state. Based on this initial understanding we can give you a clear assessment of ways to improve the effectiveness of your training program. The overall areas for a standard Bill of Health include:

  • LMS Functionality - is the application doing what it needs to do?
  • LMS Platform - have you ever applied a patch? Can you take advantage of upgrade?
  • Hardware review - Performance check - is the hardware appropriate?
  • eLearning assessment - how maintainable or portable is the eLearning - are you technically being held hostage?

We'll work with you to develop an improvement program and offer solutions utilizing a systematic approach that combines Catavo's year's worth of eLearning technical experience.

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