Rapid Content Migration (RCM)


About the program


The RCM program is a systematic approach that combines Catavo’s years worth of eLearning technical know-how, automated tools, and a global support and delivery system to help learning professionals become self-reliant for their eLearning development and management.

We have pulled together years of experience dealing with many of the issues common to courseware development and management.

Self reliant - what does that mean? Too often we see eLearning professionals unable to maintain their courseware. What starts out as a nice looking Flash-based eLearning course often becomes a costly burden that requires the eLearning professional to rely on technical expertise to maintain the course.

Lost assests. In addition to being unable to maintain an eLearning course, very often after the eLearning course is deployed, the "raw assets" used to build it are forever lost. For example, your eLearning course has a great Captivate simulation deployed as a .swf file. However, without the source .cp file, you cannot update/maintain the simulation. Too often we find organizations with no means of keeping track of these source files. Where are your raw PhotoShop files? Source Flash (.fla files), were your "Flash" pieces built using Macromedia tools (e.g. Flash MX Studio), or one of the hundreds of other programs that can create Flash?

The RCM program wraps a number of conversion tools around a formal process for moving companies from a current state to a state of self-maintenance, with assets pulled into a re-useable, searchable library, and courseware that is AICC and SCORM compliant and will run against every major LMS vendor…and a number of smaller players as well.

There is no "silver bullet". Anyone who claims to have an automated tool to convert, upgrade, or otherwise unlock all eLearning content has either figured out a way to break laws of physics or is stretching the truth. "eLearning" is much too broad of a topic for one stop "silver bullet" solution.

What’s next?

The first step is a free consultation to help understand your "current state". Based on this initial understanding we can give you an honest assessment of what your risks are and an outline of the most efficient path to mitigate these risks. Contact us for more information.

We recently introduced the Docent Outliner Series to the RCM program which brings specific migration technology to efficiently help customers migrating from this product. Read more about this service.