Catavo RCM Program


What is this The Catavo RCM program?
In short, RCM it is a combination of technology and services to help customers unlock content that is either proprietary or otherwise incapable of being updated/managed. Click here for a overview of the program.

What is the “Docent Outliner” Series?
Catavo has developed technology to efficiently migrate Outliner courseware into a combination of standards-based XML format and set of supporting “resource files” (e.g. .images, Flash animations, etc.).  Together these items are imported into an enterprise class, collaborative authoring system where they can be maintained by non-programmers and/or anyone with access to a web browser.

What about the Docent CDS?
It is no longer required.  The converted content will execute as standard AICC or SCORM packages and can be served on any standard web-server.

What client software do I need?
The converted content simply uses the Flash player from Adobe.  That’s it.  No plug-ins, no ports to open up, no snap-ins, etc. 

Can you convert ALL Outliner Content?
Outliner is a programmer-centric tool.  As such, it allows you to do almost anything in the context of an eLearning course.  That said, the majority of titles we have seen are fairly consistent and could be termed “standard eLearning” content, consisting of text, images, assessments, and often interactivity with supporting Flash titles.  Many times, customers use a templated approach to building courseware.  The more consistent titles are, the more automated the migration process is. Net-net – there is no absolute silver bullet but the combination of Catavo’s experience, technical tools and proven process will get you on your way.

Once its converted…then what?
All of your assets (.jpg’s, .pdf’s, Flash components) are placed into a reusable library and the courseware itself is maintainable by anyone with a web-browser.  Additionally, your courseware is AICC and SCORM compliant and proven to run in a multitude of learning management systems including but not limited to Saba, Plateau, SumTotal, and yes, everything from Docent version 4.7 to 6.5. 

What’s next?
Contact us for more information. The first step is a free consultation to help understand your “current state”.  Based on this initial understanding, we can give you an honest assessment of what your risks are and an outline of the most efficient path to mitigate these risks.

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