Catavo Taste Test: Saba Learning OnDemand


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This is your opportunity to begin building your LMS foundation. Capitalize on accelerated deployment. Your efforts made during the Taste Test can easily be applied to your permanent learning management solution.

Catavo Taste Test

Saba Learning OnDemand allows companies to effectively deliver training and increase workforce productivity without the costs of managing software. Customers quickly and cost-effectively deploy best-in-class learning management software with access to excellent vertical expertise, services and support.

Catavo’s Taste Test program provides you with a low-risk opportunity to evaluate Saba Learning OnDemand. Companies of all sizes, each with their own unique business processes, are invited to test a fully-hosted version of the Saba learning environment.

Taste Test Features

  • Configured with Catavo’s Foundation LMS
  • Opportunity to build your own LMS Foundation
  • Includes sample courses from CourseAvenue Collections (Healthcare compliance & HR training)
  • Basic branding customization features (include your corporate logo, themes and styles)
  • Launch and Track sample courses
  • Reporting features
  • Alternatively test using fictional “Widget Co” company and employees
  • Import of up to 100 employees

Saba OnDemand Webinars

Join us as we demonstrate Saba Learning OnDemand. Learn more on our events page.

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